Thomas Hospital

Our social projects

Vocational school

A special concern of our association is the training of young people in order to enable them to independently build up their own economic existence in Cameroon. Our vocational school in the capital Yaoundé houses a carpenter´s workshop and a sewing room.

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The hospital in the capital Yaoundé has 60 beds. We are pleased to have Dr. Elise, a competent and committed chief physician, who is supported by Dr. Agnes.

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Hospital Ward

Hospitals exist only in the big cities and are only accessible to the richest people. Our hospital ward in the village of Mvan-Zamba provides basic medical care for the poor.

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Public school

The school attendance in our Mvam-Zamba primary school is free of charge for all children. The lessons take place in 3 small buildings.

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At present, about 12 children are looked after by a responsible nun. As in every Cameroonian family, the children have important tasks.

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Guest house

The initiative for a pastoral guest house came from our founding member Prof. Thomas Reich.

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The estate of our faithful friend Mrs. Hildegard Althaus enables us to build a boarding school for girls in Ebolowa.

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