Children`s Aid Report 2021

Frau Dr. Marion Fuhrmann, Bischof Dr. Philippe Alain MBARGA

Kinderhilfe & St. Thomas-Hospital in Kamerun

Adalbertstr. 16,36039 Fulda                           



Dear members of the association,

 dear friends!


We are very pleased to send you Bishop Philippe's annual greeting, together with a short report on the activities of the Fulda Association in the approaching year 2021.

Unfortunately, the traditional meeting of the Association in the Dompfarrzentrum was cancelled this summer due to the pandemic restrictions. 

At least Bishop Philippe was able to visit Fulda for three weeks in September, despite the imponderables and strict requirements (quarantine, testing before flights, etc.). In the end, a formal meeting of the association with him and a minimum of members was possible.

 We think back with gratitude to the beautiful mass that Bishop Philippe celebrated with us for all living and deceased members of our association on 24 September in the Church of the Holy Spirit. We experienced how good the friendly meetings and conversations afterwards did us all. In any case, we have resolved to include the annual worship service firmly in our association programme in future!

 Unfortunately, the association's community activities here have been severely restricted by the Covid-19 regulations. We are all the more pleased to have found in our new member Mr Leslie Scheuber a man who, against much stubborn resistance, has relaunched our technically outdated website.  Our friend of many years, Thomas Vogler, who until now has created and maintained our website on a voluntary basis, gave us a helping hand. Thomas also put us in touch with the start-up company "", which took over the really complex technical support with great commitment and at cost price. We are especially proud of the English translation contributed by a good friend of Leslie (David Usbeck from Leipzig).

 For the coming year, in addition to maintaining the facilities already in operation, we have set ourselves two ambitious projects:

The completion of the accommodation for the external pupils of the Hildegard Althaus School as well as the purchase of an X-ray system for the St. Thomas Hospital. In a nutshell, this means that there are no upper limits to our association's need for donations!


We close our letter with all good wishes for the upcoming Advent and Christmas season.

Thank you for your friendship and loyal support!



Warm greetings



Petra Leinweber                                                                                Marion Fuhrmann


PS: You can visit our new homepage at www.thomas-hospital. Contributions, updates and improvements are welcome via Mr Scheuber or the Board.

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